Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sentence of the Day (Basic):

Voulez-vous danser ?

Do you want to dance?

Words of Today's Sentence:

vouloir to want
vous you
danser to dance



= eighteen, 18

Example Sentence

Au total, nous avons dix-huit chevaux dans notre ferme.

In total, we have eighteen horses on our farm.


exercice m.

= exercise

Example Sentence

Cet exercice est difficile.

This exercise is difficult.

4 Days ago


= busy, occupied

Example Sentence

Elle est très occupée aujourd'hui et elle le sera également demain.

She is very busy today and tomorrow.

1 Week ago


= possible

Example Sentence

Je dois rendre visite à ma grand-mère dès que possible.

I have to pay my grandmother a visit as soon as possible.

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